Tools and Equipment Options


Picture 1: Automatic Tyre Inflator
Picture 1: Automatic Tyre InflatorPCL manufacture this 12v automatic tyre inflation system. Particularly useful for multiple tyre fits. Once started, the unit will overpressurise and seat the bead, then deflate and reinflate to the correct set pressure. This enables the fitter to continue working on another wheel and is a great time-saving device on-site.

Picture 1: Automatic Tyre Inflator
Picture 2: Bead Booster And Wall Mount Bracket
Picture 3: Bead Booster Shown Installed On Its Wall Bracket
Picture 4: Bead Booster On Wall Bracket (2)
Picture 5: Compressor Protection Cage
Picture 6: Custom-made bench with shelf
Picture 7: Hose Reel on Tyre Machine
Picture 8: Vice Attachment for Tyre Machine
Picture 9: Puncture Spreader Attachment
Picture 10: Puncture Spreader Attachment
Picture 11: Small Storage Shelf
Picture 12: Steel Double Tyre Lever/Bar Storage Tube
Picture 13: Steel Single Tyre Lever/Bar Storage Tube
Picture 14: Balancer Accessories Shelf
Picture 15: Toolboxes
Picture 16:
Picture 17:
Picture 18: